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Market Research

Market Research & Consulting

Market research data is critical in making informed and prudent decisions. Houston Real estate investors, lenders, appraisers, mortgage bankers, and brokers all require accurate and timely real estate market data when making decisions. Market research services are the cornerstone and initial basis of O'Connor & Associates services. Data and insights gathered while completing multiple comprehensive surveys of apartment, office real estate, retail real estate and industrial buildings provide a unique perspective and platform for providing consulting services. Since 1984, clients and the media have relied upon O'Connor & Associates as a credible source of market insights, market data and consulting.Our 50+ market analysts and appraisers provide an impressive breadth of data and services.

Developer and Investor Services

Developers and investors appreciate our insightful, thorough and client-oriented services. O'Connor & Associates has the only comprehensive Houston area database which includes information on the four primary land uses -- apartments, office real estate, retail real estate and industrial real estate. Our analysts also have available information on apartments in each of the four largest metropolitan areas in Texas -- Houston, Dallas-Fort Worth, Austin and San Antonio. Our consultants and researchers have access to the only Texas-wide comparable sales database. Our database has information on over 500,000 sales of property in Texas within the last three years and includes information on real property sales for over 200 counties in Texas.

Tackling Complex Assignments

Analyst at market research can team with real estate appraisers as appropriate for complex multidisciplinary assignments. No other firm offers clients access to a large quantity of rental and occupancy market data, comparable sales data and both market analysts and appraisers to review and analyze the data. The volume of data and breath of staffing allows clients quick delivery of engagements addressing complex issues.


Client Focused Engagement and Deliverable

The scope of work for the engagement and report can be tailored to the clients specific requirements. In some cases, clients need a detailed analysis of a very narrow issue. In other cases, clients may require compilation of data and analysis regarding a variety of issues and options. In either case, the final deliverable can be tailored to the situation. Although some clients prefer a voluminous document, others prefer a highly abbreviated report. Our objective is to structure the terms of engagement to suit the client's requirements.Market research services include market studies, feasibility studies, market rent study, project design guidance, highest and best use analysis, property performance evaluation and lease audits. While market studies are the most frequently engaged service, developers and investors regularly outsource a variety of other tasks due to limited internal resources or to gain the perspective of an independent third party.

Talent on Demand

Our market research staff can rely upon the expertise of 50 real estate professionals including market analysts, real estate appraisers and other real estate valuation/consulting experts. This team of seasoned experts can provide "talent-on-demand" for virtually any real estate task requiring analysis, data, evaluation and judgment.Engagements can be as simple as analysis of market rent and as complicated as land use allocation, design features, amenities and level of finish for a mixed-use project. For example, our market analysts regularly provide apartment developers guidance with regard to factors such as unit sizes, unit mix, unit amenities and common area amenities. The scope of work for a market study engagement can vary widely. In some cases, developers require a preliminary analysis of whether a proposed project will likely achieve target rental rates and occupancy rates before they invest large sums of time and money pursuing the project. The scope of work for a market study can vary from a preliminary analysis reported in a letter format to a comprehensive review of the apartment complex best suited to a particular site with detailed descriptions of construction materials, unit makes, unit floor plans, unit amenities, common area amenities, architectural theme and landscaping with minutely-detailed analysis and documentation.

Market research data includes the only comprehensive database of apartment data for Texas' four largest metropolitan areas (Houston, Dallas/Fort Worth, Austin and San Antonio). Our market research team also has the only comprehensive database for the Houston area for the four primary land uses - apartment, retail, office and industrial/self storage. Fields of data include ownership name and contact information, management, leasing, basic physical data (size, age, location, class, etc.) and amenities.


Our monthly publication, The Houston Real Estate Trends, is widely read by brokers, developers, and other industry professionals. The newsletter covers significant transactions and economic and financial news for multifamily, retail, office, industrial, single-family and vacant land. Houston Real Estate Trends has been published monthly since 1986. It provides a unique combination of insights, analysis, data and contact information for real estate investors.

The Market Performance Update is a quarterly publication providing statistics and narratives on Multifamily, Retail, Office and Industrial markets. The Apartment Market Performance Update includes submarket comparative analysis, lists of largest transactions, and more in the Austin, Dallas-Fort Worth, Houston, and San Antonio Apartment Markets.

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